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The Nightingale’s Sonata is a richly woven tapestry centering around author Thomas Wolf’s grandmother, the legendary violinist Lea Luboshutz, and her remarkable musical family.  Spanning generations, from the shores of the Black Sea to the glittering concert halls of New York, it is also the story of Cèsar Franck’s magnificent “Sonata for Violin and Piano.”

Supplemental materials for readers are listed below. Additional resources are also provided for those wishing to learn more about the history, the music, and the people chronicled in The Nightingale’s Sonata.

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An ExceRPt

“Wolf’s chronicle begins with the description of a priceless family heirloom.” Read an excerpt from the book online.

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Reading guide Questions

Download a PDF of discussion questions, or read them online.

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List of Characters

The Nightingale’s Story is populated with an astonishing cast of characters.

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Narrative Timeline

The Nightingale’s Sonata spans centuries of musical and geopolitical history.

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Explore this collection of rare and family photographs capturing the people and the places in the book.

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Audio Recordings

Listen to Franck’s sonata, concert recordings performed by the legendary musicians in the book, illuminating opera discussions, and more.

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Film & Video

Watch performances and view rarely seen movies highlighting the music and the people central to the story.

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Further Reading

Dive more deeply into the history, the people, the music, and more with these suggested readings.

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